“Immortality has been one of the mayor topics of study of most registered religions and spiritual or scientific schools, “how to care” for life turned to become in a “how to sustain life”and later “how to master life”. The study, practice and methods for longevity applied by cultures, traditions and mystic circles goes from alchemy to natural science and D. N. A. study. Longevity, immortality or criogenia? The practice of methods dedicated to longevity starts in own lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and choices, preferences. As it finds its ground in daily life, it must be extended to its micro cosmos, and molecular nature, and its macro verse, social and cultural, the impact on the species, and its evolution as well. What for longevity? wealth, health, knowledge, species survival, cosmic travel, evolution? There are several questions we may prefer to answer along the journey to longevity or immortality. Certain is, that the power of mastering life, asks from humanity the wisdom to care for life. It is my purpose to suggests the understanding of life principles, cycles, rhythms and laws, as well as the lessons of ancient cultures and traditions regarding longevity and immortality, starting by the study of the mythical culture of the gods and demigods. but brining it to practical terms, into modern culture daily life. Where can humanity upgrade, or should upgrade, while learning how to master life and become immortal? “- LDMF