Research & Technology Innovation

Research Projects

The LDMF Foundation is dedicated to scientific research and technology innovation.
The LDMF Foundation research is developed through an humanist, futurist and visionary perspective/approach.
The LDMF Foundation aim is the creation of a new future for humanity through an advancement of the global culture and civilization.
Futurist study of nature principles, laws, rythms (biohacking) as well study of the human potential (human factor) and ancient cultures, creates the guidelines for scientific research. Focus on nature inspired technologies and know how development.

The Know How & Methods for Research:

The Research Projects are developed by utilizing PTT Methods (Primordial Technology Theta Know How) developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The knowledge of PTT is necessary for any team member in the field of research, projects, services and management of the LDMF Foundation.
PTT Know How Right of Use, License, Standard Certificate are mandatory for all researchers and users of the know how and technologies developed by the LDMF Foundation

The Research Projects:

More than 44 projects have been announced along 2017 as “ongoing research projects” at the LDMF Foundation. Some of them have started in 1987, 1993, 1997, 2007, 2011, 2015 and are part of the body of work of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
An index of publications related to projects is available at the LDMF Foundation e-Library.
The complete list of projects is available for public reading at the LDMF Foundation Blog under the category “Projects”.
As well the research projects have been announced and their updates published at the scientific research network: Research Gate
The LDMF Foundation is itself a research project, dedicated to the field of change management, leadership, self-management, strategic management and governance, for which PTT Know How will be applied.

Aims of Research:

Technology and solutions are developed by considering the needs of an emerging global culture (in a process of development) and of a global civilization advancement process.
Research Projects are dedicated to the development of new technologies. The design of those technoloiges and know how,intent to follow, as much as possible, a non-intrusive to organicnatural human design, human natural development, culture, civilization development.
The main focus of the research is to develop new know how, solutions, applications of the know how developed, new technologies, strategies, methods and tools.

The Research Team.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is dedicated 70% up to 90% to research and technology innovation. 20% to 30% to Consultancy Services and Strategic Management. His body of work and projects are being protected and supported in theri development by the LDMF Foundation.
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, is the leader of the Research Projects, as well as the responsible for the evaluation of new team members and candidates.
Volunteers, Interns, Assistants and Project Managers are welcome to apply for a role in the research team.
A Matrix-Q Test is mandatory. According to its results a training program will assigned to the cadidates. After completion and evaluation, rank, report of skills, capacity and responsibility of application (Levels of Impact- Risk Management Capacity ) the new team members receive tasks and assignments, along a second evaluation program. After completion, tasks and function, for which advanced technical skills and capacity of responsble application are necessary, will be assigned to the new team members.