NEW BOOK: The Primordial Mean

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    THE PRIMORDIAL MEAN Download at Gumroad The Nordic Star Theta Nonary Mathematics System & Geometric Structure Geometric structures are found and utilized for several purposes, from microchips, to architecture and engineering, music, arts, social management, big data analysis, molecular studies, new materials, new elements (Chemical chart of the Elements), DNA studies, immunology (Virus geometric structures). The PTT Primordial Molecule, The PTT Primordial Microchip & The PTT Primordial Virus is being studied by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as for purpose […]

MATRIX-Q ACADEMY & e-ACADEMY [Rhenen, The Netherlands]

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The Matrix-Q Academy Nature Inspired Experiential Gamified Learning Programs  LOCATION: (Organic Academy: Rhenen, The Netherlands ( e-Academy at our online platform) SCHEDULE: According to study circle training programs, courses, mentorship and coaching are scheduled along weekends, full day programs, 3 hours programs. After work schedule: from 16.00 – 21.30 week days, or weekends from 09:00 until 21:00 TRAINER: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken AVAILABILITY: Every season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) a series of trainings are scheduled and announced. Otherwise, intentional attendees […]

NEW BOOK: The Primordial Music Instruments – PTT Music Instruments & The Primordial Sounding Points

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The Nordic Star Theta Music Instruments Or The Primordial Music Instruments (PTT Music Instruments) designed and being developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute. The Nordic Star Theta The Ambrosia Theta The Tesseract Theta The 9 Primordial Cyphers The Primordial Seals The Primordial Elements Console: The PTT Mixer Alternatives: The PTT Digital Instrument The PTT Electronic Instrument The PTT Mechanic Instrument (strings based)   The PTT Music Instruments created with a Nordic Star Theta geometric structure, build with an specific set of […]


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The PTT Materials: Is a research project of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, on behavior of rays, waves, particles, study and design of new materials, and their properties, in relation to refraction, reflection, diffraction and velocity of movement along a particular medium. The study is developed for the Nordic Star Theta or Golden Sphere Theta, internal and geometric structure medium, by considering its vectors as trajectories of waves, particles or rays. (Ref. PTT Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, PTT Primordial Algorithms, PTT Primordial Sounding […]

NEW BOOK: The Primordial Sounding Points: The Primordial Complex Life System Theta Geometry & Frequency

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Buy The Primordial Sounding Points on @Gumroad The Primordial Sounding Points The Primordial Complex Life System Theta Geometry & Frequency Primordial Mathematics The Primordial Human Algorithm The Primordial Art of Healing The 9 Primordial Arts PTT Systemic & Organic Assessment ABSTRACT For the purpose of study of the Primordial Sounding Archetypes, and within PTT Brain Mapping research project, a review of 9 cyphers, PTT primordial mathematics, and of the primordial complex life system will be developed along this publication. A […]

The Triumvirate praxis and the 9 Spheres (Cyphers) of Holistic Strategic Management

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The Triumvirate praxis and the 9 Spheres (Cyphers) of holistic strategic management QUOTE: “A triumvirate (Latin: triumvirātus) is a political regime ruled or dominated by three powerful individuals known as triumvirs (Latin: triumviri).” Which is the ideal HHRR strategy for recruiting and assigning of leadership roles, responsibilities ? Why 3 leaders would be better than 1 ? When 9 leaders or 9 leadership roles, or responsibilities need to be implemented ? Which kind of skills, capacity, should have a Matrix-Q leader ? How to do an assessment […]

PTT Brain Mapping Project – Sounding Ecosystems and their influence on Human Natural Development Stages: Why we would like to live in nature ? Is there a reason to leave the cities and grow children in nature? What about city sound management ?

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PTT Brain Mapping Project –  Sounding Ecosystems and their influence on Human Natural Development Stages: Why we would like to live in nature ? Is there a reason to leave the cities and grow children in nature? What about city sound management ? Does  human development vary according to geo-location ? Does the brain development changes as for the influence of the sounding ecosystem ? How can sound enhance or damage human senses, perceptions, emotions or ability of decision making? We […]

The 9 Primordial Pillars & The 9 Primordial Arts

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In order to learn the secret of the 9 cyphers, it is necessary to decide first if you wish to become effective for the application of the knowledge or which is your aim. You may be interested into: Information Knowledge Test, assessment of your skills of tangible application Development of skills for tangible application Direct training, transfer of knowledge or direct transmission by the author, researcher Research Technology Innovation Strategic Management Leadership Family Other type of interests For most of my […]

The 9 Primordial Bells & The 9 Cyphers

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PTƟ Brain Mapping Project: Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms The following data have been utilized for the purpose of creation of sequence of sounds. The first and last track, introduce the 9 sounds listed below, starting from the 9th down to the 1st, and then again back to the 9th: 1.417.Hz.G#.OCT.4 2.528.Hz.C.OCT.5 3.639.Hz.D#.OCT.5 4.741.Hz.F#.OCT.5 5.852.Hz.G#.OCT.5 6.963.Hz.B.OCT.5 7.174.Hz.F.OCT.3 8.285.Hz.C#.OCT.4 9.396.Hz.G.OCT.4 0.000.Hz.0.OCT.0 These sounds have been labeled as Primordial Sounds, and have been correlated to the 9 Cyphers. ( Phenomena organized systematically in […]