The Ɵ Foundation Affiliates Program

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The Ɵ Foundation Affiliates Program   One of the aims of the Ɵ Foundation is to promote the PTƟ Body of Work, a multidisciplinary holistic nature inspired know how, with applications in cutting edge fields as artificial intelligence, life span, holistic strategic management, sustainable development, neuroscience, education, human potential, intelligence and others. For this purpose a new strategy has been implemented. Our affiliates program offers up to 45% commission to affiliates. A partnership program which include between its benefits, on […]

The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of Human Species] The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge

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The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine. [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of The Human Species] Why to study nonary computing ? Why Matrix-Q intelligence is key for human evolution ? How PSL creates the foundation for a new A.I. Engine (Software) programming language ?  Which form of A.I. depends on human collaboration for its operation ? The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge How is our modern technology changing our society and which new skills, or handicaps, are being induced in new generations? Is humanity […]

PSL (Primordial Symbolic Language), Matrix-Q Strategic Thinking & Game Theory

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A game, its settings, challenges, is communicated by several forms of language. In nature, the game of survival in the forest or the game of mating has a precise setting, in a digital realm created by programmers the game environment must be defined and presented to the players. Language is involved in both cases. How the forest communicate a message to the player ? how competition for mating communicates a message to the player? How a video game communicates a message […]

The Odin Theta Academy Start Ups

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The Ɵ Foundation has taken over the Odin Theta Academy. Between 1987 and 2016 only my close students have joined the Academy. Between 2014–2017 the training programs of the Academy have been gamified and integrated to a an internship program dedicated to holistic strategic management, coaching, training and consultancy skills. The Academy follows an ancient modality of teaching through the study of nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms; study of the human potential (human factor) and futurist study of technology and […]

“The SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities”, a new book by the Ɵ Foundation, & a new online platform with holistic strategic management tools for SDG Entrepreneurs

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“The SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities”, a new book by the Ɵ  Foundation, & a new online platform with holistic strategic management tools for SDG Entrepreneurs “17 Goals to transform our world” An idea followed by non profit organizations, governments, SDG entrepreneurs and corporations world wide. What is the kind of world we envision in our close future. 2030 is not that far from today, and 13 years are not a long time for project development and entrepreneurship neither ? […]

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Holistic Strategic Management of the Human Capital @ The Ɵ Foundation

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THE QUANTIFICATION OF HUMAN CAPITAL VALUE How do we quantify the holistic value of human capital ? Why a rank system, chain of command would be necessary in our modern global culture? Consider that an individual has capacity in 7 of 9 fields of skills, defined by an holistic assessment system. Another individual in 4/9. Others 1/9, 8/9, 4/9. But which are those fields and which is their level of expertise, and how much would that cost, would be a profitable return, can […]

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WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY DO YOU WISH ? The Ɵ Foundation is creating new digital realms, A.I. & V.R. simulations of alternative social, cultural and civilization management models.

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At the Ɵ Foundation the design of new alternative realities, is being completed and we wish through these projects to help humanity save Trillions of wealth,  happiness of so many people, heritage for future generations, by simulating a change before implementing it. The Ɵ Foundation is creating new digital realms, simulations of alternative social, cultural and civilization management models. NONARY COMPUTING & PRIMORDIAL MATHEMATICS AT the Ɵ Foundation we are developing new programing language for A.I. Engines, and nonary computing.   Our intention […]

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The 9+ Economies ( Why to utilize 3 or 9 coins would be better for a holistic sustainable future ? )

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The blind spot is simple: there are 9 parallel regions or fields of value, wealth, that the modern economy is not paying for. Once these 9 regions of economy are acknowledged, and the economy system adjust itself to their reality, any transaction of value (goods, services, wealth, property, money) will help any or all of these economies to become sustainable. Starting for the fact that time invested in tasks associated to any of the 9 economies will be paid for and […]