Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense

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Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken How the idea of defense from the perspective of PTƟ Know How and Matrix-Q Intelligence applies to: National security, safety, secrecy. Cyber-security Private and personal security services Family (clan) and community Sustainability Culture defense (Sustainability of a culture: national or corporate culture) Corporate defense, risk management and holistic strategic management Peace Sustainable Development Education Gamification Self-Management Human Potential, Human Factor, Human Stages of Development Effectiveness CGE – […]

The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention

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The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention .Research on Human Potential, Life Span and DNA Studies .Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms .PTT Solutions, Training Programs & Coaching By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder of the LDMF Foundation, PTT Creator, PTT Researcher. PTT KNOW HOW The LDMF Foundation is providing and developing PTT Know How, an holistic, synergetic, humanist, futurist and nature inspired know how with multidisciplinary applications. The PTT Know How (Primordial Technology Theta) includes tools utilized for the systemic perception, […]

Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project

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Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project “In order to predict the future of the human species, it is necessary to do an assessment of its capacity, skills, patterns of behavior, etology; given the necessary results of a first assessment, an algorithm, design of a solution, can be implemented; a solution dedicated to advance the human potential, and increase the human species chances of survival, and applied to our current times, support the emerging global culture and […]

The Matrix 9+ Project: The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator, A.I., Life Span, Human Potential, DNA Studies

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Brief Presentation The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator The Matrix 9+ A Human Potential Study The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA. The Gamification of Longevity A visionary and futurist project of research that brings together A.I., Biotechnology, Human Potential, (Human natural stages of development), education and longevity studies through: The Matrix 9+, The Game of the Gods, developed by the LDMF Foundation. ” For every profound discovery, we need of the necessary time for […]

Matrix 9+ Quantification of the Human Value

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  Quantification of the Human Value ” The next one, was the green revolution which reached CFOs office with enough data to make it possible for them to realize how profitable sustainable business practices and technologies are. Now we need the blue revolution to find its own path, to the CFOs office, to the CFOs practical world of profitability and sustainable development. Personal development and self-knowledge integrated to the corporate world, as a value and argument, as a foundation, for the […]