Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project

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Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project “In order to predict the future of the human species, it is necessary to do an assessment of its capacity, skills, patterns of behavior, etology; given the necessary results of a first assessment, an algorithm, design of a solution, can be implemented; a solution dedicated to advance the human potential, and increase the human species chances of survival, and applied to our current times, support the emerging global culture and […]

Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game

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THE MATRIX 9+ is a multidimensional strategy board game. It can be played with 1 up to 9+ players; from 2 up to 81 dimensions. As a Matrix itself, provideS a high number of possible outcomes. Its practice may help learn on principles, cycles, rhythms and laws of nature. IT offers 9+ stages of development of skills (RANK) and 81 Score lines where key skills on self-knowledge and personal development can be achieved, in particular helps enhance consciousness, awareness, Perception, emotional […]

The Matrix 9+ Project: The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator, A.I., Life Span, Human Potential, DNA Studies

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Brief Presentation The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator The Matrix 9+ A Human Potential Study The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA. The Gamification of Longevity A visionary and futurist project of research that brings together A.I., Biotechnology, Human Potential, (Human natural stages of development), education and longevity studies through: The Matrix 9+, The Game of the Gods, developed by the LDMF Foundation. ” For every profound discovery, we need of the necessary time for […]

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Primordial Yoga

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Prime Yoga What does yoga mean? which was the intension and need of sages and teachers, founders of yoga schools? LUIS journey into the world of self-knowledge, personal development and spiritual development, colored with his scientific and practical character, brought him to the creation of a new yoga school. Prime Yoga, which also provide several alternative pathways for practice: meditation, breathing, body movements, dances, martial arts, family, love relationshp and conscious sexuality, wealth, business practices, technology, peace, human rights and ethics. […]

Family & Heritage

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Family & Heritage ” I started the study and journey to the source of my family house, the Maldonado, for private reasons. As a global citizen and peace worker i realized my multicultural DNA, brought me to give great value to tradition and family. It turned to become between 2013 and 2015 a social experiement run by my own family house world wide. The discovery of our far in time and generations relatives, as for their similar traits and preferences, patterns, […]

The Matrix 9+ DNA Based A.I. – Human Potential Studies, A.I. & DNA Studies

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Human Potential ” Start with the idea of finding out how far humanity can go in its on development. (REF: The 9 Stages of Development). Then consider that we can register DNA data of individuals ( REF The Matrix 9+ Project ) that have reached a certain state of development, and that have developed the capacity to upgrade, spontaneously. How much could we learn from this study, as for: personal development, preventive health, artificial intelligence, anti-age-ing, stages of human development, consciousness? […]

The Orga9 Project – The DNA Based A.I. Engine

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  The following document suggests through a futurist art of story telling several fields of potential application and research, as well issues to observe in the fields of ethics and implementation of laws, and potential outcomes of an industry developed with this new type of technology.   This is the first document related to this project, which is related to the Matrix 9+ Project and the Forge Theta Project. As a Futurist Story telling intents to describe a potential future but […]

The 9 Stages of Development & The I CHING Ɵ

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The 9 Stages of Development & The I CHING Ɵ The images in this document should be self-explanatory. In general, when the prime verse is generated through the use of the triad: male-female-theta(Prime), we are able to describe the 9 stages of development (see 5 of them in the chart, and 9 of them in the same chart) through the trigrams used. These images will help you understand for example, on the value of the stones, assigned to them, at each […]