Presentations in Rhenen Dec. 2017 HOW TO ADVANCE YOUR QUALITY OF LIVING ? Family-Life-Work-Balance / Stress Management / Nature

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REGISTER ON ADVANCED Free The Matrix-Q Research Institute Rhenen, would like to share with the region of Utrecht a set of very important and effective informations and methods for: .Family-Life-Work-Balance: How to keep balanced life style and still be effective at work ? .Stress Management: Preventive (5 min) methods, to utilize at home or at the office. .Nature Inspired: How nature can help us keep our-selves vital, flexible and happy ? Through an experiential, pragmatic presentation, attendees will learn basic techniques […]


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PRIMORDIAL MARTIAL ARTS COMPETITION 2018 At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we believe have found essential keys of an ancient primordial martial arts system. We would like the Martial Arts International Community to discover our research work and collaborate exploring in its potential applications, and correlations with the martial arts field of study. 4 Groups of participants will join, and present their dances, sequence of movements, katas, at solstice and equinox dates of 2018. The yearly competition, will ask Martial Artists from […]

A Nature Inspired Leadership Training: The 3 triads and 3 spheres of holistic strategic management and nature inspired leadership.

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A Nature Inspired Leadership Training Rhenen City, The Netherlands 2018 The 9 Cyphers, Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership. The study of the 3 triads (9 Cyphers) and 3 spheres of holistic strategic management and nature inspired leadership. Matrix-Q Leadership skills, and how to develop them by the study of Matrix-Q Self-Management Trainings: Family-Life-Work-Balance & “The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy” applied for Holistic strategic Management & Leadership. ( DATE, LENGTH & TIME Along 2018 Dates will be scheduled according […]

“Do you want to know what is Matrix-Q Intelligence ?”

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 “Do you want to know what is Matrix-Q Intelligence ?” Experiential Presentation in Rhenen, The Netherlands  @Eventbrite MATRIX-Q Intelligence .What is it ? .How can be enhanced ? .How can Matrix-Q help you in your professional development, business or family life? .Can be a Matrix-Q test for individuals be utilized to do an assessment of a company, project or city ? .Why Matrix-Q skills need to be integrated in the education programs for children and adults ? .How Matrix-Q could […]