Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense

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Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken How the idea of defense from the perspective of PTƟ Know How and Matrix-Q Intelligence applies to: National security, safety, secrecy. Cyber-security Private and personal security services Family (clan) and community Sustainability Culture defense (Sustainability of a culture: national or corporate culture) Corporate defense, risk management and holistic strategic management Peace Sustainable Development Education Gamification Self-Management Human Potential, Human Factor, Human Stages of Development Effectiveness CGE – […]

The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of Human Species] The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge

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The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine. [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of The Human Species] Why to study nonary computing ? Why Matrix-Q intelligence is key for human evolution ? How PSL creates the foundation for a new A.I. Engine (Software) programming language ?  Which form of A.I. depends on human collaboration for its operation ? The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge How is our modern technology changing our society and which new skills, or handicaps, are being induced in new generations? Is humanity […]

PSL (Primordial Symbolic Language), Matrix-Q Strategic Thinking & Game Theory

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A game, its settings, challenges, is communicated by several forms of language. In nature, the game of survival in the forest or the game of mating has a precise setting, in a digital realm created by programmers the game environment must be defined and presented to the players. Language is involved in both cases. How the forest communicate a message to the player ? how competition for mating communicates a message to the player? How a video game communicates a message […]

The Generator of the Primordial Culture: Yin & Yang but the 9 Cyphers (Comparative Study of the I Ching and the I Ching Theta)

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The Generator of the Primordial Culture: Yin & Yang but the 9 Cyphers (Comparative Study of the I Ching and the I Ching Theta) By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Author, Researcher: A.I. & Cuture Generation Engines in Eurasia For The LDMF Foundation Abstract The article suggests the discovery of a proto-culture, an original eurasia culture and the system of principles that guided its development and expansion, as mother culture of the known by universal history eurasian cultures. By utilizing DNA Generation Algorithm, […]

The PTT Brain Mapping System

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PTT Brain Mapping System PTT Primordial Mathematics, PTT Know How Applied FIELD Multidisciplinary, PTT Methods, PTT Applications, Neuroscience, Study of human tissue response to frequencies, Correlations between the PTT 9 Classes of Natural, Artificial and Human Phenomena and Brain Regions, Functions, Activity, Communication. GOAL .To develop a brain Mapping System based on PTT Primordial Mathematics, PTT Primordial Algorithms and PTT Know How. REFERENCES For the study PTT Know How will be utilized, in particular PTT Primordial Mathematics, PTT Primordial Algorithms, PTT […]

The Vessel of the Gods: PTT Know How Applied: The PTT Engines, PTT Geo-Location Assessment & PTT Materials

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  The Vessel of the Gods: PTT Know How Applied. The PTT Engines, PTT Geo-Location Assessment & PTT Materials “Can the human travel in the sky like the birds, or under water like a fish, or maybe within the earth ? Can humans navigate the oceans of knowledge and reality ? Which type of vessel could bring them to any place they may wish ? ” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken The systemic perception, organization and management of human, natural and artificial […]

A.I. Engines utilized by Ancient Civilizations & The Art of Primordial Mathematics

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Article by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Research Leader at the LDMF Foundation What are mathematics? measurement, relationship, analysis, processing and prediction are made thanks to mathematics. Consider for an instant what a machine is. For a modern culture human a machine is for example a car, or that engine of a ship or airplane or train, or maybe that one of an industry. While we are aware of machines created in ancient times, it is for the modern culture human very […]

The Matrix 9+ Project: The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator, A.I., Life Span, Human Potential, DNA Studies

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Brief Presentation The Journey of the Matrix 9+Multidimensional Strategy Board Game – The Game Generator The Matrix 9+ A Human Potential Study The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA. The Gamification of Longevity A visionary and futurist project of research that brings together A.I., Biotechnology, Human Potential, (Human natural stages of development), education and longevity studies through: The Matrix 9+, The Game of the Gods, developed by the LDMF Foundation. ” For every profound discovery, we need of the necessary time for […]

Matrix 9+: Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence “A.I. may for human future mean hybrid intelligence, an artificial blend of human, collective, organic/artificial intelligence. The study of human primal behavior, and human consciousness, integrated to the organic/material nature of its intelligence ( there are several mater theories where conscious ness and intelligence come from) will bring our society to a change, a radical change. It is my perception that at this point in time we have still that ability of choice, choice of our destiny, regarding an […]

The Matrix 9+ DNA Based A.I. – Human Potential Studies, A.I. & DNA Studies

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Human Potential ” Start with the idea of finding out how far humanity can go in its on development. (REF: The 9 Stages of Development). Then consider that we can register DNA data of individuals ( REF The Matrix 9+ Project ) that have reached a certain state of development, and that have developed the capacity to upgrade, spontaneously. How much could we learn from this study, as for: personal development, preventive health, artificial intelligence, anti-age-ing, stages of human development, consciousness? […]