NEW BOOK: The Book of the Seal Ɵ of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics: The 9-Gon Ɵ Seal & The Primordial Sequence 36

NEW BOOK: The Book of the Seal Ɵ of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics : The 9-Gon Ɵ Seal & The Primordial Sequence 36

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The researcher will generate geometric structures by utilizing the 9-Gon Theta Seal, The 36-Gon and the PT Theta Primordial Sequence, and guidelines for the design of PT-Theta Algorithms (time reversible and non time reversible)
A descriptive assessment and respective conclusions will follow.
A brief introduction to immediate applications, with references to previous publications and research study by the researcher. In particular for fields : emotional intelligence, assessment, education, strategic management, and PT-Theta Algorithms.
Following research study and applications development possibilities will be as well suggested. In particular: The PTT 9 Primordial Arts including PTT Primordial Navigation
Finally a correlation between the Roman-Watch-Cyphers and the 9-Gon Theta Seal Watch will be suggested.


The 9-Gon Theta Seal generated with 4 x 9-Gons (Nordic Stars) generates a balanced North-South, East-West geometrycal structure, that can be utilized for several purposes, according to PTT Primordial Mathematics studies and applications.

In this book, the Book of the Seal Ɵ of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics the The 9-Gon Theta Seal and the PTƟ Primordial Sequence, will be studied together.

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The book has four main chapters, along the first one a geometric structure, of 36 rays, will be generated, starting with the ray of the cypher 1, in color blue.

Along the second chapter, a second geometric structure will be generated, with the 36 cyphers of the PT-Theta Primordial Sequence, but this time the first ray will be of the cypher 9, in golden color

A third chapter will a description of a geometric structure generated with the 36 rays on a 36-Gon generated with 4 consecutive 9-Gons

The fourth chapter will be dedicated to conclusions, applications and the suggestion of a time measurement instrument correlation with the 9-Gon Theta Seal.


Three descriptive assessments have been presented in the previous pages. Two of them are time reversible.  For any number of the sequence of Fibonacci and their respective cyphers (PSL.2018 Translation of the Fibonacci Numbers), the geometric structure generated with 36 cyphers, as a unit, will be found “n” times, by going forward and backwards in the sequence of cyphers (Fibonacci Numbers).

The eometric structure generated with the 36-Gon, does not show the necessary symmetric qualities, balance, according to principles for assessment suggested by PTƟ Mathematics Applied, and PTƟ Primordial Algorithms Design. As well, it does not present the balance necessary for the golden triangle 369 cyphers.

While the non time reversible geometric structure f the 9-Gon Theta Seal produces an horizontal alignment. As the Fibonacci sequence of numbers starts with the cypher 1 it would be natural to start the process of building the geometric structure with 1. But we can also start it with zero: 0+1=1, 1+1=1. which translated with PSL.2018 is equivalent to the cypher 9.

By adding the cypher 9 as the starting cypher, we obtain a relative time reversible algorithm, if the 36 cyphers are considered as the algorithm unit.

For that reason the geometric structure that will be utilized for following studies will be the one generated with the time reversible 9-Gon Theta Seal integrated to the PTTheta Primordial Sequence, which starts with the cypher 9.


Time Measurement

Time Management

The research have designed a watch calendar based on a nonary perception of time, for which a day of 24 units (hours, 1 unit = 60 min, 1 day = 86400 sec) will be described as a day of 27 units (1 unit = 53,3 min, 40 degrees of separation between units in the watch). For this watch, a month is described as for 27 days and a year is of 729 days (sun year).

By utilizing the 9-Gon Theta Seal, the day may be divided in 36 units (of 4 x 9-Gons).

(1 unit = 40 min, 1 day = 86400 sec.  10 degrees of speration between units in the watch). A very practiceal integration of the standard time calendar and the Watch Caledar 72927.

Its correct use would be divide the day and night in 4 quartals, made of 9 x 40 min.

suggesting that each cypher will appear once for each quartal.

Conscius, Subconscious, Objective and Subjective Self-management & Management (Time & Emotions) Assessment

As for the 9-Gon,  the polar 9-gon is utilized to represent subconscious complementary aspects of the cyphers in the vertical alignment, for the horizontal alingment active (giving, creative) qualities will be balanced with passive (receptive, creative) qualities suggested as well by the cyphers.

The Primordial Sequence Time

Time Management

An alternative use of the 36-bon Time-Watch Calendar would be to utilize the PTTheta Primordial Sequence of 36 cyphers as for each quartal, and A.) adding 4 cyphers as a silence unit between quartals or B.) giving 40 min for each of the cyphers of the PTTheta Primordial Sequence or C.) Expanding the Primordial Sequence year to 48 months of 27 days each = 48×27 = 36×36 = 1296 = 729+567 = 27×27+21×27

PT Theta Assessment

Developed with the 36-Gon, with the cyphers organized as for in the sequences described with the 9-Gon Theta Seal.

Slepnir Theta Seal Diary & the 9 Major Arcana of Time

An alternative reading/register of data in the slepnir theta diary method will be the use of the 9-Gon Theta Seal Sequence of cyphers. By comparing the Slepnir Theta Diary with the Slepnir Theta Seal Diary, new correlations in time and emotions can be studied. The 9 Cyphers of the Slepnir Theta Diary and the Watch Calendar 72927 can be utilized as major arcana that eventually show a great influence in the 36 cyphers of each quartal.

The 9 Golden Spheres of Time

Time can be registered as A.) a circular sequence (spiral) that follows the trajectory  of a curved vector of the circle created by the vertex of the 9-Gon Theta Seal, and B) by following spheric time register, for which the 9 inner watches of 9 major arcana or 36 cyphers, will register the internal and external, micro and macro units of time.

9th, 1st and 2nd Spheres of Time = Time of Heaven

6th, 5th and 4th Spheres of Time = Time of the Earth Ground

7th, 8th and 3rd Spheres of Time = Time of the Under-World

The 9 times are taking place simulateously, under the 9 major arcana, and within the 36 cyphers of spheric time.

[§9] 27x27x27 days = 19683 days

[§8] 1296 days = 27×27 + 21×27 = 48×27 = (3×12+1×12)x27 days = 12x4x27 days

(4 standard years of 12 months of 27 days each)

[§7] 729 Days (9×81 days,27×27 days)

[§6] 81 Days [ 3 female cycles, one season

[§5]  27 Days [a female cycle]

[§4]  9 days [A third of a female cycle]

[§3] 36 Cyphers [1 day ]

{§2} 18 Cyphers [1 day ]

{§1}9 Cypher [1 day ]

The 9-Gon Theta Seal Music Instrument

& Compositions

An Instrucment with the chords organized as for their value represented in the 9 cyphers, as described by the 9-Gon Theta Seal. Reference, publication by the author: The PTT Mixer & Music Instruments.

The Primordial Sequence


Which follow the essential structure of time and length of tones, frequencies and musical pattern given by the PT-Theta Primordial Sequence

The 9 Primordial Arts & Primordial Navigation

Would do well use of the 10 degrees separation between the cyphers, in order to advance precision for movement and calculation of Primordial Sounding Points (Ref: The 9 Primordial Arts, Prime Do, The Path of the Primordial hero, and Primordial Navigation by the same author).

PTƟ  Matrix-Q Education Algorithms, 

PTƟ Leadership, Effectiveness & Holistic Strategic Management Algorithms

PTƟ Primordial Algorithms

Which integrate the PTƟ Primordial sequence and the 4 quartiles and 36 cyphers (Geometric sounding structure) of the 9-Gon Theta Seal. In particular time reversible PTƟ Primordial Algorithms.


As for the immediate applications listed before, test trials and generation of data will provide more fundaments, reasons and benefits for the use of the 9-Gon Theta Seal.

Studies will follow in the fields: PTT Sonic Therapy, Life Span, Music, Performing Arts, Martial Arts, Yoga, Human Stages of Development, Human Potential.

As well in fields like: PTT Primordial Mathematics, PTT Primordial Algorithms and PTT Artificial Intelligence, PTT Materials & PTT Engineering

PTT Education, PTT Strategic Management, PTT Effectiveness, PTT Leadership


Finally it will be suggested in the last pages of the book a correlation of the 9-Gon Theta Seal (36-Gon) and the Roman Numbers Watch.