PTT Sonic Therapy Research

The Matrix-Q Research Institute PTT Sonic Therapy Research

Along the PTT Primordial Mathematics Research (Nature inspired mathematics system), after identifying Fibonacci units within the Nonagon Structure (Geometric structure system utilized by PTT Know How for the purpose of perception, organization and management of human, natural and artificial phenomena, PTT 9 Cyphers), a pattern has been identified within the Fibonacci sequence, a pattern of 24 cyphers (PTT Primordial Sequence), when the Fibonacci sequence of numbers is translated with PSL.2018 Method. The 24 Cyphers pattern is similar to a PTT Algorithm (See PTT Primordial Algorithms design principles), which brought the researcher to the conclusion that there is a hidden Algorithms within Fibonacci Sequence. By translating the respective cyphers into the PTT Primordial Sounding Archetypes, frequencies, a set of music compositions have been created. This is one of the several applications we are testing at the Matrix-Q Research Institute on the PTT Primordial Sequence, in the field of health, prevention, stress release. It is hypothesis of the researcher that by utilizing this sonic pattern, a sonic therapy can be developed. The first doses and therapy structure have been already developed along January 2018, and will be ready for test trials in February 2018. The research has the expectation the PTT Sonic units applied through a precise therapy, of a precise intensity and length, administrated at particular hours of the days for a pre set number of times, would create beneficial results. In particular for tissue regeneration self-repairing and eventually also for virus release, and strengthening of the immunology system, when applied to tissue, as auditive stimuli or in vitro. The researcher consider that while the Fibonacci sequence is able to describe an organic or matter development process, it also communicate the principles operating behind that kind of development, which may have been expressed through the pattern discovered. Following tests trials will give us a confirmation and validation of this hypothesis.



The Primordial Sonic 9-Gon Theta from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

The Primordial Sequence 216 Bells from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

The Primordial Sequence 216 from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

The Primordial Sequence S1 S2 & S3: The Fibonacci Sequence translated with PSL.2018 from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.