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The Nordic Star Theta Nonary Mathematics System & Geometric Structure

Geometric structures are found and utilized for several purposes, from microchips, to architecture and engineering, music, arts, social management, big data analysis, molecular studies, new materials, new elements (Chemical chart of the Elements), DNA studies, immunology (Virus geometric structures).

The PTT Primordial Molecule, The PTT Primordial Microchip & The PTT Primordial Virus is being studied by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as for purpose of A.I. Technology Development, DNA and Immunology Studies.

The Enneagon, Nonagon, of the Nordic Star Theta: The 2D Projection Consider the geometric structure spin and generates an ascending spiral for each of the trajectories of its vortex. It means, we are observing the nonagon from the top perspective, of its axis. For example, we will identify a pentagon ascending in spiral, and well rays generated at the vertex points that never repeat themselves. A.) The elevation of the spiral is defined by the projection in 2D of the central triangle, which is in 2D an 60° equilateral triangle. and B.) There are “X” concentric nonagons of sides according to the Primordial Mean. In this e-publication we will explore the A.) 2D Projection of this geometric structure, the b>) Primordial Mean and C.) as well suggest it is spinning. (Ref: The Book of Primordial Changes, I Ching Theta).

Generation: “As above, below, as below, above.”

In order to generate the Nordic Star Theta, through the generation of a enneagon, or nonagon, the unit of the nonagon side is utilized. If multiplied by 3, generates the unit of the next nonagon. As above described, the unit 1 (see image on the left) generate the central nonagon. Multiplied by 3 equals the unit=side of the mayor nonagon. The 27 Segment, generates the side of the next nonagon, which equals 9 times the units of the central nonagon. While multiplied 8 times generates the Golden Triangle.