The PTT Materials: Is a research project of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, on behavior of rays, waves, particles, study and design of new materials, and their properties, in relation to refraction, reflection, diffraction and velocity of movement along a particular medium. The study is developed for the Nordic Star Theta or Golden Sphere Theta, internal and geometric structure medium, by considering its vectors as trajectories of waves, particles or rays. (Ref. PTT Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, PTT Primordial Algorithms, PTT Primordial Sounding Points). Researcher: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
The Primordial Rays, Waves & Particles of the Nordic Star Theta, follow principles of refraction, reflection and diffraction, when enter, hit, pass through or leave the Nordic Star Theta Structure (medium) which has a geometric structure and internal Density of Material labeled as MDƟ. When Ɵ my vary according to cypher, and T=time (for the particular positions of the spheres of the cyphers (elements) along the movement of the triads within the sphere, as for the magnetic field generated by their interaction, or by the change of properties of the Medium, created by their spin and interaction, according to case)
In order to approach the study of the Primordial Rays, Waves & Principles the reader must consider rays, waves and particles entering, being diffracted, reflected, passing through or leaving the Nordic Star Theta Sphere. It means at certain points of the sphere is expected to be a slit or entrance, as well consider there is unique medium of particular density, a substance, eventually a fluid, material, which is found within the Nordic Star Theta Sphere, which creates that particular behavior of the Rays, Waves & Particles in Interaction with the Nordic Star Theta Medium and its geometric structure.
The Ɵ angles of refraction, incidence, reflection and diffraction will vary according to medium density or refractive index. (See related for Fresnel Equation, Brewster’s angle (polarization angle), total internal reflection and critical angle, wave, particle and sound refraction and reflection, Snell’s law, diffraction and The Huygens–Fresnel principle, the double-slit experiment, and wave-particle behavior in quantum mechanics, and other related topics)
Fore details on the behavior of rays, waves and particles within the Nordic Star Theta Medium, please review the publications on PTT Primordial Mathematics and PTT Primordial Algorithms, The Polar Nordic Star Theta, The Ambrosia Theta, The Tesseract Theta, The Primordial Sounding Points (Frequencies) publications by the same author.
Applications of the research study will be developed in field engineering, medicine, transportation (propulsion and energy generation), architecture, nano technology, artificial intelligence, notary computing, human potential, quantum physics and others.