FUTURIST & VISIONARY TECHNOLOGY:The PTT Particles Accelerator (& Light Saber) Technology

The PTT Particles Accelerator (& Light Saber) Technology

ABSTRACT: Along the studies of PTT Materials, i have arrived to the conclusion that the PTT Nordic Star Theta geometric structure, implemented with the proper technology, could be utilized for the purpose of development of light saber technology or particles acceleration. The PTT Particles Accelerator (& Light Saber) Technology
DESCRIPTION: A particles beam(s) sourced from a generator placed under a Nordic Star Theta Saber Geometric Structure (Kanon). The Triads of the structure spin, producing reflection, refraction and diffraction of the particles generating a concentration of particles and an amplified beam of particles. The technology can be utilized for a particle accelerator, a particles kanon. By utilizing PTT Primordial Algorithms and PTT Primordial Mathematics, for the beams generator and spins of the triads and spheres within the canon, the length of the particles beam, the particles behavior leaving, being reflected and diffracted by the Kanon will be controlled (Particles Saber). Researcher: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.